KIRSI RANTO is a singer-songwriter and author from Finland. She offers beautiful, uplifting Angel Concerts of music, silence and gentle words about life, love and angels. Kirsi's unique ability to shine light and to be grounded and joyfully present at the same time has enchanted people all over Finland and abroad as well.

Besides music Kirsi is known for her empowering Angel Goddess Work, where she shares her knowledge and wisdom about living from the heart and connecting with the angels. She is also a founder of Deepthi Charity Community ~ "Empowered Heart. Empowered World." .

♥ "For me Music is Love" ♥

"As I grew up in a little country side village in Western Finland, silent nature, piano playing and singing were my best friends. I used to loose myself for hours singing, often feeling like light or love or God was embracing and soothing me while singing.

I started to study both classical and pop music at the age of eight. Ten years later I won a national tango singing competition and was celebrated as Tango Queen 1998. During the following years I recorded six albums and toured non-stop. I was very fortunate to do various kinds of performances, in all genres of music.

One day my personal life collapsed, and that was a turning point in my life and in my music; like a return ticket back to my roots: back to nature, singing and playing piano by myself. At the same time the connection with angels opened and I started to write my own music and put pieces of myself back together.

Four years later I found myself at an Indian ashram meditating, practicing yoga and doing volunteer work. My inner world started to shift and all my attention was now focused on inner growth and getting to know myself on an even deeper level. I began to write my Deepthi blog, and soon I started to receive visions about sacred gatherings. I created Angel Evenings & Retreats to support women on their path of heart. A few years later my own path led me to study and practice mystical feminity, yogini life and sacred sexuality. As my own awareness raised, also my Angel gatherings shifted to Angel Goddess Evenings & Retreats to symbolize both aspects, light and shadow, spirit and body, mind and heart in us, and how in oneness everything is sacred. These gatherings are a beautiful combination of meditation, oracle card reading, silence and teachings of path of heart.

I've also published two books in Finnish "Be The Light You Are" and "Soft as a Flower, Hard as a Diamond", and composed angelic instrumental meditation music. I am also a part of We Are Human Angels Community and a co-founder of Oneness Mission ~ "One World. One Love." with American photographer - filmmaker Shawn Reeder.

In my music I began to remember what made me sing in a first place when I was a child, and I started to realize what my blissful experiences with music at an early age were all about. I realized that I've been strongly connected with the Divine Mother from the beginning, and just now through my life lessons I've learned to understand the deeper connection and meaning of all. I'm a passionate student of healing qualities and mysticism of voice and sound, and continue to explore and practice them further.

My deepest passion with music is to create a sacred, loving space, where people can just be, listen to their hearts and experience soothing peace and light inside of themselves. With peace and love comes joy, which is the highest energy of all. Be the light you are!

With Love & Angels,